Sunday, July 4, 2010

Publix trip 7/4

It has been very rainy, but that doesn't keep me inside for long.  I have been trying out a new organization coupon system.  Because of this I reviewed several coupons I had on hand, which helped me gather some really good ones to get some deals at Publix.  Here I only bought BOGO deals.  This means I get 2 of the same item, pay for only one, but get to use 2 coupons. 

My totals after coupons were $30.  My receipt says I saved $89.  This means I would have paid $119 if I bought these items last week when they weren't on sale and without using any coupons!  
here is a Sample of what I got
Item in bold, matching coupons underneath
4 Reynolds wrap 4.99 each
--2 $1.00 off Internet printable
--- 2 $.75 Sunday paper
$1.62 each
4 Kraft Mayo $1.99
-- 4 $1 off from Publix Flyer
4 Morning Star Entrees 3.99
-- 2 $1 off printable
--2 $.75 Sunday Paper
$1.12 each
2 Lysol Large Wipes $3.99
-- 2 $.75 Sunday Paper
$1.24 each
2 All Small and Mighty Detergent $5.99
-- $2 off Sunday Paper
--1 $1 off Sunday Paper
$1.49 each

This is why getting at least 2 Sunday Papers is important.  To take full advantage of BOGO at Publix every week, you need 2 of the same coupons. 

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