Sunday, July 4, 2010

MY CVS Stash is growing!

Lately I have been getting coupons at the end of my CVS receipt, and lots of them. 
They read "$3 off when your total is $15."

Using that coupon first, and only buying items that had a coupon for almost the whole price, got me what you see here for only tax!
The pantene shampoo was $1 after coupons, but was giving $1 ECB.  I handed over $1 ECB that I had in my stash, and got $1 back.  I call that an even trade.
I was lucky enough to run into one of my friends while at CVS.  She said she never gets the $3 off coupon.  I guess I am just Lucky!
Here is the break down.
3 Gillette
(was on Clearance for $1.75.)
- 3 $2 off coupons
(This gave me a .24 cent overage! Which I pretend applied to the soap)

3 Zone Bars $1 each
-$.55 cents off Sunday paper
$1.32 for 3

Dawn hand renewal $.99
-$1 off from a past sample that came with coupon

Dawn regular anti bac dish soap $.99
-$.25 from past sample in mail
-$.24 cent off from the Gillette

Pantene Shampoo $3.99
(This was a clearance price)
-$2 off from CRT scanner at front of store
-$1 off from Sunday paper inserts
had to pay $.99, but also gave me $1 RR.  So, that means I only paid tax.

Milk $3.99 gives $1ECB
-$1 off Facebook TG LEE coupon
cost $2.99

Since I used a $3.00 off coupon before any of my other coupons, this make the milk free!

My total before tax and after $2 RR was $1.82!

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