Sunday, July 4, 2010

MY CVS Stash is growing!

Lately I have been getting coupons at the end of my CVS receipt, and lots of them. 
They read "$3 off when your total is $15."

Using that coupon first, and only buying items that had a coupon for almost the whole price, got me what you see here for only tax!
The pantene shampoo was $1 after coupons, but was giving $1 ECB.  I handed over $1 ECB that I had in my stash, and got $1 back.  I call that an even trade.
I was lucky enough to run into one of my friends while at CVS.  She said she never gets the $3 off coupon.  I guess I am just Lucky!
Here is the break down.
3 Gillette
(was on Clearance for $1.75.)
- 3 $2 off coupons
(This gave me a .24 cent overage! Which I pretend applied to the soap)

3 Zone Bars $1 each
-$.55 cents off Sunday paper
$1.32 for 3

Dawn hand renewal $.99
-$1 off from a past sample that came with coupon

Dawn regular anti bac dish soap $.99
-$.25 from past sample in mail
-$.24 cent off from the Gillette

Pantene Shampoo $3.99
(This was a clearance price)
-$2 off from CRT scanner at front of store
-$1 off from Sunday paper inserts
had to pay $.99, but also gave me $1 RR.  So, that means I only paid tax.

Milk $3.99 gives $1ECB
-$1 off Facebook TG LEE coupon
cost $2.99

Since I used a $3.00 off coupon before any of my other coupons, this make the milk free!

My total before tax and after $2 RR was $1.82!

Publix trip 7/4

It has been very rainy, but that doesn't keep me inside for long.  I have been trying out a new organization coupon system.  Because of this I reviewed several coupons I had on hand, which helped me gather some really good ones to get some deals at Publix.  Here I only bought BOGO deals.  This means I get 2 of the same item, pay for only one, but get to use 2 coupons. 

My totals after coupons were $30.  My receipt says I saved $89.  This means I would have paid $119 if I bought these items last week when they weren't on sale and without using any coupons!  
here is a Sample of what I got
Item in bold, matching coupons underneath
4 Reynolds wrap 4.99 each
--2 $1.00 off Internet printable
--- 2 $.75 Sunday paper
$1.62 each
4 Kraft Mayo $1.99
-- 4 $1 off from Publix Flyer
4 Morning Star Entrees 3.99
-- 2 $1 off printable
--2 $.75 Sunday Paper
$1.12 each
2 Lysol Large Wipes $3.99
-- 2 $.75 Sunday Paper
$1.24 each
2 All Small and Mighty Detergent $5.99
-- $2 off Sunday Paper
--1 $1 off Sunday Paper
$1.49 each

This is why getting at least 2 Sunday Papers is important.  To take full advantage of BOGO at Publix every week, you need 2 of the same coupons. 

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My CVS Run

I went to CVS while I was out of town and got the following items for $9.23!
1 scrubbing bubbles 2.50
1 scrubbing bubbles 2.50
1 Windex 2.50
1 Windex 2.50
1 calamine CVS brand lotion $3.99
3 Brownies $ .88  (ate two already )

Buy 10$ worth of cleaning products get 5$ECB.
$16.62      my total was $10 + 3.99 + 2.64 = $16.63
-$3           First I used a $3 off when you spend $15 CVS coupon. (from previous receipt)
-$ 4          I used a $1 coupon for each cleaning item, totalling $4 worth of coupons.
- $2.25      3 coupons for brownies.  $.75 off each one from 6/27 SS, and 2 Internet printed
-$5            ECB that I had, because I am making $5 on this purchase.

$2.37 was left to pay out of pocket.  Got back $5 ECB, to replace the $5 I used to make purchase.

I also got with another transaction ..
1 Schick Hydro 3 , $8.99
1 Schick Hydro 3, $8.99
1 Schick razor purple thing, $5.99
1 Bengay massage thingy.  $5.99
Buy $20 worth of Schick, get $5 ECB
Buy Bengay get $2 ECB.

$29.96    Total
- $3 off when my total is $15 or more (from previous receipt)
- $4 off Schick from previous Sunday paper
- $4 off Schick from previous Sunday paper
- $2 off Schick from previous Sunday paper
-$3 off Bengay from previous Sunday paper
$13.96, but I am going to get back $7 ECB, so I will use $7 of ECB,
-$7 ECB (previously earned)
$6.96 out of pocket. 

Then I had a friend call me and ask me if I knew of any sales on stay free or always.  Of course I did!  So I ran to CVS to get her some. 

I bought.......
2 stay free pads $6.79 (already on Buy one get one, so only rung up once)
2 stay free pads $3.89 (already on Buy one get one, so only rung up once)
4 packs of M & M s $.89
(already on Buy one get one, so only rung up 2 out of 4(one missing from pic, already ate)
1 Nivea Cherry Lip balm $1.49 ON CLEARANCE!!!
1 Gillette Shampoo $1.24 ON CLEARANCE!!!
$15.19 total (without pads or M&M on sale would have been $27.65!!) 

Handed over
-$ 3 off $15 from the CVS coupon center!
-BOGO Stay free pads manuf. coupon  up to $4.49
(You can use a BOGO coupon with a BOGO sale, and that makes both items free!  Isn't that crazy and purely fantastic at the same time!)
-BOGO Stay free pads manuf. coupon $3.89
-2BOGO M&M coupons (makes the 2 I was going to pay for free!)
-$1 off Nivea lip care (was carrying this coupon around waiting for an awesome deal like this one)
-$1 off Gillette hair care (had floating around in the bottom of my purse!! Lucky me)
$.03 was my total out of pocket!!

Then I called everyone I thought would listen to tell them about how awesome this deal was.  My receipt says I saved $32.87!  Would have paid that last week for all this stuff without the sale and without coupons!

Friday, June 25, 2010


On July 9, prove you're no chicken and visit your local Chick-fil-A fully dressed like a cow and receive a FREE Chick-fil-A Meal in celebration of the Cows' favorite holiday.

$.97 Rimell Mascara

Walmart has Rimmell Mascara for $2.97.  There is almost always a $2/1 Rimmell coupon in the paper.  There is also one in the June issue of ALL YOU magazine.

Free Frappe at McDonalds

Every Friday from now until July 9th, McDonalds is giving away free Frappes from 7am to 7pm.  Double check with your location before ordering!  ENJOY

Kellogs Recall

Kellogg has a voluntary recall of several boxes of cereal.  Read the press release here.
These have been on sale a lot recently, and you might have some!  Be careful and check your pantry.