Monday, June 21, 2010

After weeks of printing Internet coupons from all my home computers, all my friends home computers, and at work; asking everyone I know for their Sunday paper inserts; creating little baggies from my friends with coupons that pertain to them, and directions on how to use them; many emails to friends and families with links to the latest deal; I have decided its WAY beyond time I start my own blog.
I love shopping, and I love saving money. When you put these two together, the possibilities are really endless!
Anyone can clip a coupon and use it when the check out at the grocery store. But using a coupon in conjunction with an item that is on sale can make an item almost (and sometimes TOTALLY!) FREE! I just love when my cashier says, "But wait, this makes the item free?!" Well duh! Why else would I have come up here for this body lotion when I should be at home cramming for my next test?
Read this blog frequently to stay in the know and watch out for deals that you can really take advantage of!

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